• Helping individuals transition into a life of stability

Transitional housing is supportive housing that helps fight the homeless problem and economically disadvantaged individuals and families in today’s society. Transitional housing is for a limited time period to allow residents to rebuild their lives in a nurturing environment. We offer three to twelve month programs, to be determined after the first 90 days. Transitional housing provides help to individuals and families after a life crisis.

What sets Help4Hope for the People, Inc. apart from other transitional housing programs is that we do encourage the preservation of the entire family unit so we do allow the entire family (i.e. husband, wife, and all minor children) to stay in the same home together.

Help4Hope Transitional Housing residents must be willing to complete the Hope Modules which consists of mentoring, financial planning and employment mentoring. This series of courses provides services and instruction that will prepare participants for a life of stability. Participation is a condition of their residency.

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A Transitional Housing participant and CEO & Founder Dale Croft-Brown take a moment to share a laugh.

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